A fully integrated trading and distribution company.

Ankorgaz S.p.A. is a downstream integrated energy company mainly focused on the supply and transportation of high-quality propane, butane and liquid methane to wholesale and retail customers across Europe. We offer a complete range of trading services including cargoes deliveries to main coastal storages, as well as small scale LNG supply to fuel stations.
We also link major European terminals and refineries with NGLs companies through our inland trading team, offering ground supply via trucks and railcars to our customers.

Sourcing Storgaz

We source liquefied gases from producing countries, oil majors, independent refineries and big traders all around the world.


We buy and sell physical liquefied gases from our dedicated desk to ensure transparency, efficiency and maximize optionality.

Delivery Ankorgaz

Through our fleet of trucks, ISO tanks and leased rail wagons, we deliver on-time, on-specification products to our customers.

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