Gasnav is the shipping arm of Ankorgaz and supports many of the company’s sea operations including STS and transportation.

It is based in Monaco and networked to maritime professionals across the globe. Gasnav is a partnership between Ankorgaz and private equity investors with in-depth shipping knowledge and proven track-record.


Our fleet size, in-house expertise and close associate network enable Gasnav to offer a worldwide market presence, and we take great pride in our long-established portfolio of logistics partners.


Gasnav has the scale, fleet and operational resources to serve our customers on a truly global basis. We will continue to leverage our in-house commercial and technical expertise to provide the safest, most dependable solutions for our customers.

Delivery Gasnav

Our flows serve as a crucial link in the international gas supply chains of liquefied gas producers, trading houses and end-users throughout Europe, North Africa, West Africa and Russia.

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