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The energy of the future Biomethane is a 100% renewable energy source produced by the natural breakdown of organic material: green waste, household waste, agricultural waste, food industry waste and even industrial waste. The process of breaking down this material in an oxygen-free environment produces biogas, which is then purified to become biomethane. Once liquefied, Bio-LNG, turns out to be a bioenergetic vector with enormous potential. The opportunity to use the Bio-LNG as replacement or supplemental of the natural gas in transportation networks and distribution comes from the implementation of European directives which attach particular importance to the exploitation of gas produced from renewable energy, attributing to biomethane the role of possible solution for achieving the objectives of the Kyoto ...

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The greener, cleaner and cheaper fuel alternative Propane is a colorless and odorless gas obtained from oil and gas fields recovery or through refinement of crude oil. To make it easier to store, move and use, propane is liquified by compression process at pressures between 2 and 8 bar, which results in a volume reduction of up to 250 times at equal calorific value. Commercial propane is odorized with ethanol to make any leaks noticeable. Propane is mainly used as a fuel source for industrial, agricultural or civilian uses, as well as a feedstock or fuel in the production of ...

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A clean vision Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is obtained by cooling natural gas to -160° C. The liquefaction process reduces the product’s volume approximately 600 times, making it much easier to store and move by ship to coastal deposits and by truck to smaller plants and secondary stocking sites. Here, with the use of vaporizers, it is brought back to its original state and can then be used as both a fuel or to generate heat for industrial or residential purposes. Alternatively, LNG is maintained in its liquid state and used as direct fuel for heavy transportation or ships. You can find more informations about our license with the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water and REMIT - Regulation ...

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