Our core business is supply, transportation and distribution of Natural Gas Liquids.

  • Production & Supply
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
Production & Supply
Biogas plant

One of the most promising and developing biogas utilization method is biogas upgrading to biomethane. Ankorgaz SpA is developing a pioneering bio-LNG infrastructure in Italy to produce liquid methane for automotive purposes from collection systems in municipal waste landfills.
Furthermore, Ankorgaz is a major participant of the European NGLs physical supply market and offers a complete portfolio of products.

Deposito Ankorgaz

Ankorgaz has been offering butane and propane transport services since 2011, and now do so exclusively through our liquid transport fleet. In addition to our butane and liquid propane gas transport services, we also transport LNG. We utilizes it’s 10 delivery trucks to expertly handle NGLs transportation throughout Europe. We are a proven industry leader in bulk transportation services and continue to provide reliable, safe transport of Natural Gas Liquids.

Distribution Ankorgaz

Through our subsidiary Storgaz we provide LPG cylinders and tanks distribution to the Italian retail market. We distribute LPG either in cylinders or bulk tanks. Our trucks transport propane cylinders from the bottling plant to retailers, as well as to private and professional customers. Meanwhile, small bulk trucks distribute LPG from our own storage to various consumers.

Our business model is simply based on producing, moving and distributing NGLs. We present to our clients an outlet of products and services that maximises efficiency throughout the supply chain by adding value during the full process.



We buy at the most favourable prices by aggregating volumes and adopting business scaling techniques.

Back Office

Back Office:

We have developed low fixed costs thanks to an extremely competent staff and outsourcing of non-core functions.



We are recognized in the industry as a well estabilish company that has developed strong relationships with banks, insurance brokers and suppliers.

Physical Trading

Physical Trading:

We are registered with over 100 producers and energy companies and offer both optionality in trading operations and scouting of the best prices on the market.

Financial Trading

Financial Trading:

We operate within regulated and over-the-counter markets to mitigate risks and leverage physical exposure creating arbitrage opportunities.



Through our storage facility and transport fleet, we control the movements of the goods and guarantee punctuality and professionalism in our deliveries.



We are an outlet that offers an entire range of products for our client requirements in any size volume, 365 days a year.

We don’t simply deliver a product, we also deliver efficiency, optionality, risk management, punctuality, safety, dynamism, integrity, honesty and transparency. We are enthusiastic and committed to the final result. When are we satisfied? Only at the end of the day when every delivery has been successful and all our customers’ expectations have been met.

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