A fully integrated trading and distribution company.

AnkorGaz S.p.A. is a mid-downstream integrated energy company mainly focused on the supply and transportation of high-quality propane, butane and liquid methane to wholesale and retail customers across Europe. We offer a complete range of services including biomethane production (Waste to Energy), small-scale LNG supply, LPG storage and retail distribution and NGLs bulk transportation. We also supply LNG and bio-LNG truck-to-ship bunker through our in house trading team, offering EU ports supply via owned trucks and leased ISO tanks.


We buy and sell physical liquefied gases from our dedicated desk to ensure transparency, efficiency and maximize optionality.


We arrange structured finance solutions to implement our business activities. We also optimize the company’s physical flows to create trade finance-generated liquidity.

Risk management

Our business is a complex and challenging operation every day, because of the huge number of variables involved. We mitigate risks finding all possible solutions.

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