From Organic Waste to BIOMEThane.

In order to verticalize the supply-chain and get closer to the concepts of Green Economy and Circular Economy, AnkorGaz has acquired a waste treatment plant in San Rocco al Porto (Italy) to produce biomethane.

Digestione anaerobica - Biomet

Starting from a process of biological degradation of the organic waste, which takes place in conditions of partial or total absence of oxygen, biogas, one of the most used alternative sources for the production of renewable energy, is generated.

Compostaggio - Biomet

Through the upgrading process, methane and carbon dioxideare separated. The CO2 removal allows its use as a substitute for natural gas. We have now biomethane.

Upgrading - Biomet

The liquefaction process brings in the biomethane molecules to a t -160 ° Celsius through chemical/mechanical treatment. Liquid biomethane is easily moved in bulk quantities and used as fuel for trucks, buses and ships.

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