Gasnav (Monaco) S.a.r.l. offers small to mid-scale LNG bunkering solutions.

It is based in Monaco and networked to maritime professionals across the globe. Gasnav is a partnership between AnkorGaz and private equity investors with in-depth shipping knowledge and proven track-record.


LNG trucks can be used both for transporting and for bunkering of LNG. Bunkering via truck can occur either from the quay edge or directly from onboard the vessel. Regulations regarding truck-to-ship bunkering are currently being developed in different European ports.

Multiple truck unloading - Ankorgaz

This solution allows the attachment of two or more tank trailers simultaneously, doubling the capacity of the truck-to-ship bunkering operation, cutting the bunkering time down to 50%.

Iso tanks - Ankorgaz

Cryogenic IMO Type-C pressure vessel fitted in an ISO standard-size frame of either 20, 30 or 40ft long, the LNG tank container offers bunkering in remote ports and with limited volume requirements a quick way to benefit from competitively priced, cleaner-burning fuel.

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